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Safal Superstar is a great course for a person who wants to be develop his personal and professional skills and become success in his life continuous.

All sessionsof this course were different,superb and great .My self-confidence is increased due to this course.It’s a life changing program.

Yes, I will recommend this course to my team.

I would thanks to SALMAN Sir for train this course and create me SafalSuperstar.

I would thanks to all staff of SafalTransformation who Co-Operates me every time.

I am proud to be a part of SafalTransformation


Myself Safal Superstar PankajSonawane,

I’m Working with ITC Ltd as a Area Executive (Sales), I was joined Safal Superstar Approximately on sept’14,I’m very much satisfied with safal superstar plan and their Deliverable ,1st thing that I have changed my habits and its change my life, safal superstar basically working on your habits if we can do that as per their plan it’s definitely help to manage your time, motivate you and boost your energy, 2nd thing which they work on your personal as well as your professional goal,they find out what you need to do to achieved your goal,

Thank you very much safal superstar to help me to guide for a achieving my goal.


I’ m ShagafMahimi, civil engineer by profession. I am working in structural detailing filed from last 12 years. I worked in MNC’s like pothouse,rolta and vector shades, worked on different positions. During my service I was dedicated and hardworking. Worked day and night in my company, reached to the highest position but even I was not satisfied. My working habits were affecting my health and family life. It almost ruined my friend circle and social life .i always feeling emptiness; even with money I was not enjoying my life. Such scenario I left my organization in May 2014 and wondering where to go. I was angry, sad, undecided and facing like a depression kind of situation. I have family to provide and children to take care off but no income. So I started living on my savings. Which is I knew wrong thing to do

In such time my school friend Khalid told me about safalfoundations ran by his Brother Salman&Khalid also told me about the successful contribution of safal foundation in changing people life. I was aware that my situation is due to my work is not aligned with the mission of my life. I was going in wrong direction and the stage and achievement I was expecting or deserve doesn’t come to me also I knew salman personally, so decided to take course safal superstar in July 2014. I joined in ongoing batch like climbing in running train. From first session onwards I started feeling better. The people I met from different background and different professions were attending the course and getting benefit. Then session after session I was feeling changes in myself. Thing were started getting better. I started feeling confidence once again. I started dreaming once again for my future. Now I have plans and priorities. I am writing this testimonial on 30 Nov 2014. In just 5 month s my outlook towards life improved. In Sep 2014 I started my own business. Now in just 3 months I have one subcontractor and one direct client from us. I have plan in place to work on, I started building my team. My health and family life also improved. Now I have working on my goals and very much positive about life. By seeing this benefit my wife also enrolled in course, and now we both started our journey towards progress and prosperity.

Some tools I learned from safal superstar course which are very effective; I would like to mention here.

  • Safal superstar charts for forming positive habits.
  • Circle of excellence to gain instant confidence.
  • Timeline for eliminating past bad experience.
  • Switch method – to include goal in subconscious mind.
  • To do list and task management quadrant – to improve productivity.
  • Mirroring – for building report with the people.
  • Goal setting – Eye contact.
  • Law of Attraction and think win – win.
  • HR round – to break all self-created barriers.

And many more….. Also the personnel counseling session were very helpful which were provided per my request.

The best part in team you get hare, the people participating are so good and supportive that they make your progress easy and achievable.

Now we are happy in continuing our progressive journey with safal transformation and thanks to their contribution in changing our life.


To whom it may concern. This letter is to tell you that how I am pleased and satisfied with motivational coaching by safal foundation.

It was a great experience and pleasure to attained session of safal transformation. Actually we all are living a busy, hectic and a challenging life. And safal transformation teachers us how to handle all the things in a proper manner. Before joining safal transformation I used to handle thoughts, things in a very different way. There was lot of confusion, in decision making but after completing all the session there was a complete transformation in me as such it is a new birth, new life. There is very much improvement in thought process decision making, money and time management.

I know safal transformation transform many life’s. I will keep up bushing myself by attending seminars of safal transformation.

A gratitude to MR. SALMAN KHAN & TEAM.